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featuredThe I.A.Q.W.S.

The I.A.Q.W.S. (International Association of Quality of Web Sites) arises from the need to connect to a single standard of quality websites, or at least all future websites that made shall come in future, to avoid various problems, incompatibilities and errors caused by lack of compliance with criteria relating to the regulations of the W3C, by usability of web sites, and lack of accessibility and, at times, actual laws and regulations for the compilation of Web sites themselves in the case of the portals of Public Administrations. The I.A.Q.W.S. is for all those wanting to check if own website is a site made professionally and conforms to certain quality standards, and also to professionals in the web decided they too to establish a boundary between those amateur sites and with no respect of standards and accessibility and those Web sites that today are being born to make the web a virtual space free of "old sites" with "programming codes dirty and full of mistakes", easier to use and above accessible by all and with and from any device. In our site, are all means to verify the validity of own website in a simple and fast way.


What means the label that accompanies the address of some sites?

The label "site of quality" was created to highlight those sites that fully meet the conditions on the content, readability, graphics, navigability and usefulness of the site reviewed. The authors of sites which have the mark of quality may explain the symbol "Site of quality" on their page according to the instructions in the communication that IAQWS will send them via email. Will not be judged, of course, sites that offer a service such as search engines not specific, download sites and the like.